Oh, Taxi! A twist on taxis for calves

The birth of a healthy new calf on the farm is cause for celebration! On a dairy farm, the birth of several new heifers can be the highlight of the year. Not to mention, new calves are super cute. 🙂



But combine a flood of new calves, cold weather, and a disability -- suddenly calves are no longer so cute. In fact, caring for them can be a struggle. This is especially true for individuals who have mobility impairments, arthritis, or muscle weakness.

An assistive technology (AT) solution to help feed calves can be found in a milk taxi, calf mobile, or milk shuttle.

Milk Taxi by Holm & Laue

Options for these devices range from small and simple to large and complex, and can be fitted to most sized operations. Although there are many makes and models, the general concept includes an insulated or heated milk storage tank on wheels with an easy dispensing system. This tool can easily transport milk from the milk house to the calves. It eliminates lifting or carrying heavy buckets and saves time by reducing the number of trips back and forth.

Devices with a heating option can keep milk warm for longer periods of time, allowing the individual to work at a slow pace if needed. Most of these tools are also designed with self-cleaning or easy to clean setups.

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