What measures success?

“What we do around the farm is hard stuff , and my husband and I were facing some tough questions about the future of our farm with my limitations. I need to be there to help. I want to be there. With the assistance I received from AgrAbility PA, we no longer have those questions. Our farm has a bright future ahead.” ~ Dawn C., owner of Goodness Grows, an organic farm in Bedford County, PA

The goal of the project is to make independent living and continued success in production agriculture as seamless and stress-free as possible. By empowering farmers and other agricultural workers with disabilities to enjoy a high quality of life, we enable them to continue to succeed in rural America.  The measure of their success may be defined in several ways, including:

  • Gainful employment in production agriculture or a related occupation
  • Access to appropriate technology and devices needed for work and daily living activities
  • Evidence-based information related to treatment and rehabilitation of disabling conditions
  • Targeted support for family caregivers

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