What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive technology (AT) is any item, piece of equipment, or product that is used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities for someone with a disability or long-term health condition.

In other words, AT devices make everyday work and life easier, and make impossible tasks possible.

Agricultural modifications may vary depending on the type of disability and farm operation. Many solutions exist, including manufactured or modified devices and structures, or modified work practices.


  • Larger, slip-resistant steps to help access a tractor
  • Ergonomic seats to provide back support
  • Use of feed carts instead of wheelbarrows in feeding operations
  • Hitching systems designed to reduce the number of times on and o equipment
  • Mobility aides such as action trackchairs, utility vehicles, and all-terrain vehicles
  • Modifying equipment with hand controls or visual and hearing impairment aids

The photos below are examples of Assistive Technology around the farm.


Looking for more ideas? Contact us and check out The Toolbox by the National AgrAbility Project.

Disability WorkTools is another great resource. They develop and distribute tools and equipment to help people work on the job and around the home with less pain and physical demands. Specific attention is devoted to aging workers and those with disabilities who want to adapt their equipment or businesses and continue "hands-on" activities.



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