Assistive Technology: Tractor Door Opener

Installing a tractor door opener makes for easier and safer tractor cab access for individuals with mobility impairments.

Many older model International tractors, often found on Pennsylvania farms, have doors that do not open wide enough or stay open by themselves. The door hinges toward the front of the tractor rather than the back like many other models. This increases the difficultly associated with entering and exiting the operator platform. 
Often, the individual has to hold the door open while climbing the steps. The doors are also known to swing back and hit the individual if they are not pushing on the door. For someone with limited strength it can be difficult to hold the door open. This also creates a higher risk of falls because holding the door open takes focus off foot placement and balance.  
Tractor door openers are cylinders that mount at the top of the tractor door. This device can be easily installed  and is relatively inexpensive. Once installed the cylinder helps open the door and keeps the door in the open position. This is an excellent piece of assistive technology to help modify older tractors. 
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